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Our Faith Book Series are written to encourage both parents and children to expect that Jesus, our God, hears our prayers.  These children's books are all true testimonies.

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to support Spirit Horse at Charis Field and to continue encouraging and pointing others to Christ.


Charis Field is a ministry inspired by my son, Nathanael, who has Down Syndrome.   Charis Field is teaming up with Spirit Horse International to provide free equine for Special Needs Children.



Faith Series

Books revealing true stories.


Thank you, Longmont Christian School!  We were blessed sharing our morning with all of you!



Imagine yourself at 6 years old again. You have something on your mind to accomplish and nothing is going to stop you from achieving your most recent desire. Gone are the moments playing cowboys and Indians. This time you want to befriend the fleetest of creatures and pet it like your loyal dog, Tuffy.  A butterfly. What would you do? How would you get it? In this day and age, the possibilities are endless. However there is a little girl that chose an ageless one. Prayer.  Allow this 6 year old to share with you her true story full of life, silliness and faith. Let your heart be touched and your soul encouraged as you read this wonderful children’s book that gives all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

$10  Meeting Price



Maray Betke is the founder of Charis Field, a wife and homeschool mom to four amazing children. Her passion is to speak encouraging words to everyone through true stories that give glory to God. Chocolate is her best friend and worst enemy all in one. Colorado is where she can be found but Texas will always be her home.



Julia Lodi is a young adult artist and aspiring author. Drawing since the time she can remember, she has had the opportunity to illustrate two children’s books: Heart of Wisdom ABCs and Can I Pet a Butterfly?. As the third oldest of six children, Julia makes her home in the great state of Texas. When not drawing, painting, or writing, she enjoys playing piano, bird watching, and reading good books. She is currently pursuing a college degree in English and Art. Julia is entirely indebted to her Lord and Savior for His constant mercies toward her in every aspect of life.

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