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Hello, my name is Maray Betke. I am a mother of four amazing, crazy and entertaining kids. Our third child, Nathanael is 10 years old. He has Down Syndrome. Our little man is such a joy to our family. He is quirky, cute, rambunctious, sweet beyond anything, yet like anyone of us, he has his days! We are embarking on a new journey together as a family. Nathanael is getting a standard poodle on March 7th. We have a professional Service Dog trainer that will come weekly and start training Sir Sc

ruffles, Nathanael and myself.

We don't know how this journey will look like but have great hope and anticipation that Nathanael will be greatly blessed and helped by this amazing little creature. I'm sharing in hopes that somehow, someway, this will be a blessing to some family like ours. I will do my best to keep you posted, entertained and wanting more... ;)


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